Month: February 2019

I’m not a big cat person, but…

I’m not a big cat person, but…

So I’m not a big cat person, but I think we have one of the best cats ever. His name is Cade and he is a grey “barn cat”, which means we give him food and water, but he sleeps out in our barn. One of the things I like about him is that though we feed him and he has heated water and a heated cushion that he sleeps on, he is still kind of a “wild” cat. It is not uncommon for him to bring home a large field mouse, or even small rabbit, and he often stocks and catches a variety of birds, too.

He’s also more like a dog because he likes to follow me around our property when I’m taking a walk or working on something. I jokingly say that he’s my hunting cat because he always looking around and scoping out the yard with me. But the best thing I like about him is that whenever I come outside and he sees me (even from across our property sometimes), he’ll come running up to me to get my attention and usually try to get me to scratch his back. Then almost instantly, he starts purring.

When my cat purrs, I’m not exactly sure what he’s thinking, but it always comes across like he’s saying, “Thanks for taking care of me; I really enjoy being with you right now.” Like I said before, I’m not a huge cat fan, but I’m always amazed at how God has built this awesome purring feature into cats (especially our cat), and how it makes me feel appreciated by this little creature that I care for.

Recently, as we’ve started thinking about and studying the subject of worshiping God, I was struck by how many times we are encouraged to by the Apostle Paul (and other Scriptures) to enjoy the Lord and His presence as we walk in companionship with Him. The thought also struck me recently that kind of like when my cat purrs when he’s around me (which encourages my heart even though I have no idea what he’s thinking) I have to ability to verbalize my appreciation, enjoyment, and even praise to God. And God is way more to me as my Provider, Creator, and Friend, than I ever will be to my cat.

So whether or not you like cats, let’s all carve out a little time today (and everyday) to give God our attention, enjoy His presence, and express our heart and affection to Him through our praise and our prayers (not to be confused with Prrrr-aise and Prrrr-ayers ;)!

Have a great week and pray on!